Sunovia Energy Brings Jobs to Sarasota County, Brightens Job Picture

The growing interest in energy-efficient technologies and products is helping fuel the expansion and relocation of Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc. from a 20-employee company based in Manatee County to an 18,000-square-fee facility in Sarasota County that will employ 68 workers. The company expects to move into its new location in June.

The new jobs will be added over a period of three years. Sunovia is searching for professionals in the areas of engineering, manufacturing, logistics, operations, sales support and administration. Company spokesperson Kristen Watson says people who are considering applying at Sunovia should share the company's commitment to sustainability. "The ideal Sunovia employee is a responsible and dependable team player with a passion for renewable energy and energy conservation," she says.

One of Sunovia's greenest and most successful products is its EvoLucia LED lighting fixtures. The future is looking bright across the spectrum for Sunovia as it develops and markets new products, from infrared devices to highly efficient solar energy components.

"We are committed to keeping our community at the forefront of renewable energy and energy conservation," says Watson.

"We have an opportunity right now to rebuild our economy, locally and nationally, around green jobs. Sunovia wants to make that happen right here in Sarasota."

The Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County is providing up to $100,000 in incentives to Sunovia. The money will be paid as the company adds employees who are paid annual wages that exceed the county average.

Writer: Brad Stager
Source: Kristen Watson, Sunovia Energy Technologies

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