Mobile Drug Testing Launches, Adds 3 Jobs, Tampa

Employers and business owners now have an innovative alternative to traditional drug testing. USA Mobile Drug Testing of Tampa was recently launched to provide onsite mobile drug testing services to local employers.

“One of the benefits of drug testing your employees is that it increases productivity,” says Rick Schaub, owner of USA Mobile Drug Testing of Tampa. “You will have more productive employees who don’t call in sick as often or get hurt on the job. This will also drive down workers compensation insurance costs. ”

Schaub says that employee drug and alcohol abuse costs American employers $81 million in lost productivity each year. Employees who may be under the influence can also open up an employer to liability issues.

“In situations where you have an employee that you suspect might be on drugs when they come to work will need to be tested right away,” Schaub says. “Without mobile testing, you would have to send somebody with that employee down to the local lab or clinic to get tested. When that happens, you lose productivity of both employees for an hour or more to get the testing done, and you could potentially have liability issues. ”

As the business grows, Schaub says he will need to increase his workforce.

“I’m in the process of interviewing for a collector right now,” Schaub says. “In another three to six months I will probably need to hire an additional collector and in six to 12 months a salesperson. ”

In addition to performing onsite drug tests, the company also walks clients through the rules and regulations of testing, and will assist clients with recordkeeping as well as the auditing process.

Writer: Kimberly Patterson
Source: Rick Schaub, USA Mobile Drug Testing of Tampa

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Kimberly Patterson is a news editor for 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.
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