Puerto Rican Chamber: Increased Trade Would Create Florida Jobs

The Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Florida is working hard to increase bilateral trade between Florida and the island nation.

"There is an opportunity for Florida to trade with Puerto Rico, which could create a lot of jobs," says Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder, president and CEO of the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Florida, Inc. "Puerto Rico has a large amount of fruit that cannot be found in Florida to export."

Cuevas-Neunder says that not only will Floridians enjoy the Puerto Rican exports, but the economic benefits as well. "Increasing trade with Puerto Rico could provide 200-300 jobs locally," says Cuevas-Neunder. "As product is imported, there is a need for workers in the port and workers to transport the goods when they come in."

According to Cuevas-Neunder, not only will Floridians benefit from importing goods from Puerto Rico, but exporting as well. "The island currently gets it berries from California," says Cuevas-Neunder. "The berries are green when they are shipped and ripen as they are transported, which means they aren't very fresh. Florida could export its berries via the Tampa Port and it would take a fraction of the time that it takes to ship from California."

In an effort to create jobs and increase trade, the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Florida, Inc. will be hosting an event on June 23rd in Tampa. "Anyone who owns a business and is interested in establishing themselves in Puerto Rico should attend," says Cuevas-Neunder. "All reservations need to be made through our website."

The Florida & Puerto Rico Domestic Trade Summit will be at the Tampa Westshore DoubleTree Hotel.

Writer: Kimberly Patterson
Source: Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder, Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Florida

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Kimberly Patterson is a news editor for 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.
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