Trader Planet Adds Web Developer Job, Tampa Bay

If you want to be part of an innovative social media movement and have Web skills, you may want to check this out.

Trader Planet is a social media platform for new and established traders that provides them with an opportunity to interact, learn about trade logistics and receive up-to-the-minute stock information. And it's hiring a Web developer to help fulfill its growing wish list. 

Lane Mendelsohn, founder and CEO, says he's looking for Web talent that can step into a senior-level position and begin to augment the services Trader Planet currently provides.

"I'm looking for a senior level Web developer," Mendelsohn says. "We have a lot on our wish list that we want to accomplish. We need someone with years of experience and technical expertise to keep up with our growth. Just like a restaurant, we've grown by word-of-mouth. People seem to really like what we provide.

Mendelsohn says what Trader Planet provides is a mix of free education and networking for those interested in the trade industry that no one else seems to be offering. "A lot of places want to educate you, but it’s really a way to sell you something," he says. "Ours is just free. You have to be skeptical or you can get taken advantage of. But we have a reputation for integrity."

Mendelsohn says the wish list also may include adding additional staff besides the developer. "We have a whole wish list of things we want to see happen," says Mendelsohn. "More bandwidth, More administrative support and people to do outreach, to network. 

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Lane Mendelsohn 
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