Young Professionals Form Transportation Network, TRANSITion

Public transportation is a hot topic in Tampa Bay, and a group of young professionals are getting in on the conversation.

TRANSITition Tampa Bay was founded in November 2009 and began as a casual discussion between Brett Milke, Brian Seel and a group of friends. They soon gained the support of members of the Tampa Bay Partnership who were excited that "young folks were interested in the cause." In addition to Milke and Seel, TRANSITion Tampa Bay formed with the help of Kitty Riggs, Jason Pierce, Chrissie Sherman, Jess Johnson and Daniel Bergin.

"The transportation issue is something that we can latch on to and make a change for Tampa Bay," says Milke.

Milke points out the diversity of the group's founding team and the varied industries they represent is a strength: "Jason is a chemist, Kitty is a healthcare adviser, Jeff works in real estate, Chrissie is a transportation planner and Daniel is a civil engineer." Milke and Seel work in the construction industry.

The mission of TRANSITion is to bring together young professionals who want to see an innovative and integrated transportation network in the Tampa Bay region. It also serves as a hub organization that brings together the various young professionals groups in the Bay region allowing them to meet and network together for a common cause.

The group addresses four key areas: economic development, quality of life, smart growth, and safe and reliable travel. Through an enhanced public transportation system, Tampa Bay will be able to attract large corporations to the region for job creation, encourage healthy, sustainable living by encouraging in-town redevelopment that allows individuals to walk and/or bike for work and play, and reduced traffic congestion.

TRANSITion Tampa Bay hosts monthly networking events and their next one is tentatively scheduled for August 14. They will also start Speakers Training in September. The plan is to bring in community leaders and local professionals who are well-educated on transportation issues to share information about its value to the Tampa Bay region, transit-oriented development and next steps for regional transportation improvements.

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Writer: Nancy Vaughn
Source: Brette Milke, TRANSITion Tampa Bay

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