U.S. Foodservice Seeks Salespeople, Drivers In Tampa Bay Region, Hiring

Dining outside the home in the Tampa Bay region offers a lot of choices as far as cuisine and location. Whether it's Thai food in a strip mall family restaurant, meat-and-potatoes at a stand-alone chain eatery or institutional fare at a hospital or school, someone has to transport the food from market to table and that's what the professionals who work for U.S. Foodservice, Inc. do for their customers.

Three of the national food supply company's 60 distribution centers are in Tampa, Lakeland and Clearwater.

Marilisa Henderson, a recruiter at the Tampa office, says fulfilling the appetites of Tampa Bay region gourmands requires hiring people who can select the best food products, fulfill and manage sales orders and deliver the goods.

"We have an ongoing need for salespeople and drivers," she told an audience of job seekers during a networking event at Tampa Bay WorkForce Alliance. Henderson says she also sometimes has openings for IT professionals and people who can provide financial analysis reports.

If there's a corporate creed that employees of U.S. Foodservice work by, it would probably be "go beyond the plate." Company spokesperson Christina Koliopoulos cites that as a commitment to communities as well as customers.

"We do much more than deliver the groceries and each of our employees plays a critical role in protecting the safety of the food supply," she says.

"We are also pasionate about giving back to our community. For example, the Tampa division was recently awarded recognition by Feeding America of Tampa Bay for its dedicated support in the fight to end hunger in West Central Florida."

Writer: Brad Stager
Source: Christina Koliopoulos, U.S. Foodservice, Inc.

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