Eco-Friendly Fashion, Beauty, Travel Magazine Provides Opportunities

With a penchant for possibilities, entrepreneur Leslie Joy Ickowitz is showcasing her fondness for the Tampa Bay region within the pages of a new virtual, glossy-style magazine.

In Fall 2009, Ickowitz launched Vertical Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay's first fully virtual magazine celebrating fashion, flavor, travel, culture and beauty (inside and out). Ickowitz has been a freelance writer for various publications, including Food and Wine, the Tampa Tribune and Bay Area Business Magazine.

In the midst of a recession and struggling print publications, Ickowitz decided to go green with her venture.

"I started VERTICAL to celebrate fashion, flavor, travel, culture and beauty in Tampa Bay, and to play a role in uplifting our community. Going green was an easy decision once I found an elegant and interactive delivery method for the magazine," says Ickowitz.

Vertical features editorial photo spreads in an online format filled with vibrant colors; the winter issue is 119 pages, without hurting any trees.

Within the next six months, Ickowitz expects to bring aboard a sales professional and administrative support. "Moving forward, my goal is to share the love and give many local talents the opportunity to contribute," Ickowitz says.

Writer: Nancy Vaughn
Source: Leslie Joy Ickowitz, Vertical Tampa Bay

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