Tampa Virtual Career Fair On April 6, Jobs Available

As technology evolves, many have become more comfortable completing tasks online such as banking and paying bills, but what about attending a job fair?

On April 6, Shaker Recruitment Advertising and Communications will host a virtual job fair for Tampa employers and job seekers. The 3D virtual environment is complete with a lounge where job seekers and employers can network, booths equipped with online brochures and videos about the company, even avatars representing the attendees.

"Employers can create a virtual booth with links to the company's website and job listings," says Mike Vogel, event director for the Tampa fair. "Job seekers can upload their resume to their online profile, and then visit booths on the day of the event to chat with employers."

Vogel says that job seekers can view employer information by hovering their mouse over the company's booth icon.

"When a job seeker hovers over the booth, they will get information regarding the company," Vogel says. "Once they click on the booth they enter a group chat where they can communicate with a recruiter or company representative via text."

In addition to the text chat, Vogel says that webcam-based communication is becoming more popular.

"People think that you can go to a virtual career fair in your pajamas, however, as these events become more popular, webcam will be used more," Vogel says. "It is important that job seekers who appear via webcam dress professionally as they would for a regular job fair."

For event attendees who are technically challenged, Vogel says, assistance will be available. "At any time during the event, an attendee can go to the help booth for support," Vogel says. "There are people on hand to answer technical questions."

Those interested in attending can register at www.tampacareers.com.

Source, Mike Vogel, Shaker Recruitment Advertising and Communications
Writer: Kimberly Patterson

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