Visual Edge Design Adds 6+ Jobs in Clearwater

Clearwater-based website design and internet marketing firm Visual Edge Design is in a growth mode, planning to at least double their 6-member project team to include website designers, administration, internal sales leaders and field sales representatives.

"The hiring effort is on-going. We’re a small company, but we’re in expansion mode; and my plan is to fill the building with personnel. We have a decent sized building with a lot of expansion room," says Morgan Fagerman, president.

Three months ago, Visual Edge Design brought on new company president Fagerman who began to focus on strategic marketing planning and promotion, drawing upon his industry expertise and capitalizing upon a collaborative mix of traditional, social and internet marketing methods, leading to an upswing in business.

For Fagerman, the solution is simple:

"Get all of your marketing ducks in a row. Promote, promote, promote. Then deliver, and make sure your customer service is really top notch," says Fagerman.

Visual Edge Design is committed to being an information resource to customers by offering the on-going support and website maintenance necessary to create dynamic online experiences that effectively create exposure and growth opportunities.

Since launching in 1999, Visual Edge Design grew from providing dedicated website design solutions for niche markets to delivering services to more than 450 clients globally.

The company credits the loyalty of existing customers as a contributor to their market sustainability and continued growth.

"The loyalty of the core clientele of this company is phenomenal. The amount of repeat business is amazing," says Fagerman.

As the firm continues to move forward, team members are additionally focused on developing relationships and partnerships with other companies to deliver website design and internet marketing solutions to an extended network of customers.

For information on hiring opportunities, visit Visual Edge Design’s website.

Writer: Kaye Brown
Source: Morgan Fagerman, Visual Edge Design
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