Magnetic: Web Designer To Add 5+ Jobs, Tampa

Magnetic, a web design and internet marketing company in Tampa, plans to add five to seven new jobs in 2011.

The company, which was started in 1997 by Ken Bakunas, has grown from a two-person venture to a growing business with 25 employees today. That number will change within the year, according to Jennifer Bakunas, Ken's wife and CEO of Magnetic.

"Right at this moment, we are looking to hire someone in our business development department, as well as SharePoint developers," says Bakunas. "Later in the year, we will likely need additional digital marketing specialists, project managers and Web designers."

Bakunas attributes Magnetic's growth to several strategic business decisions, which were made last year.

"In 2010, we focused on expanding into new service areas," she says. "One of those specifically is Microsoft development services, such as SharePoint and Dynamics. SharePoint is the most rapidly growing product in Microsoft's history and we recognize that."

Another decision the company made was to offer mobile options.

"It is quickly becoming a necessity for businesses to complement their core website with a mobile-friendly version and possibly a mobile app as well," says Bakunas. "Magnetic adopted this technology early on, and we see that area continuing to grow."

According to Bakunas, Magnetic has successfully rolled out large implementation projects with local companies, including Moffitt Cancer Center, SunGard and Harrell's.

"We are looking for employees who are very bright, humble and fanatically passionate about their chosen profession," Bakunas says. "We have the best team in Tampa, I'm certain of it."

Writer: Kimberly Patterson
Source: Jennifer Bakunas, Magnetic

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Kimberly Patterson is a news editor for 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.
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