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Hillsborough’s Transit Tax: What’s At Stake?

"No one wants to turn Tampa into New York City or Boston," says Brian Seel of TRANSITion Tampa Bay, a group of young professionals calling for improved transportation.  "The transit plan is ... simply a way to help us grow in a better pattern suited to the future of our region – a great tool to change the way we build new communities."


Q&A: Brett Milke, TRANSITion Tampa Bay

Five bucks. Ten bucks. Twenty bucks a voter. All for TRANSITion, stand up and holler! Brett Milke is among the cheerleaders for TRANSITion Tampa Bay, a motivated group of young professionals willing to pay the price for supporting transit: Give up a beer ($5), a movie ticket ($10) or half a tank of gas ($20) each month in exchange for improved transportation -- better roads, more buses, light rail.


Urban Charrette Helps Nurture Life In Downtown Tampa

The Urban Charrette, a nonprofit organization created by a small but highly energized group of visionary people, aims to help transform Downtown Tampa into a place to call home for transplants as well as natives while attracting talented new residents. The founders bring a mix of architectural, design, artistic, political and progressive thinking credentials to the task.


Tell Us What You Think About High-Speed Rail Connecting Tampa, Orlando

83 Degrees spent the day -- before, during and after the President's Jan. 28 Town Hall meeting in Tampa at the University of Tampa -- listening to what people had to say about high-speed rail and recorded interviews with several participants and observers.
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