USF Eyes New Fine Arts Complex, Graphicstudio

University of South Florida visual arts students may have something to look forward to in coming years.

Currently in the contract negotiation process with Alfonso Architects, USF plans to expand its fine arts program by building the new Center for Advanced Study of Visual Arts (CASVA) on the Tampa campus as soon as funding is available.

The $55-million project would act as a new facility for graduate students seeking a degree in fine arts, adding several new aspects to the university's arts programs. Among other things, CASVA would feature an architecture facility and design space, classrooms, labs and even a new home for the internationally acclaimed Graphicstudio (where printing techniques such as waxtype and heliorelief were invented).

Offering up more room for students in general, the CASVA project would even include an expansion of the campus' current Contemporary Art Museum, built in 1989, which has showcased several international contemporary art exhibitions throughout the years.

But this isn't the first time USF has teamed up with the award-winning Alfonso Architects design firm. Buildings such as the North Clinic, College of Nursing, Psychology Building and Children's Research Institute display the team's work, giving a glimpse into what the future holds for the elaborate visual arts project. The firm's designs often highlight the activities within, making for creative and unique architecture.

Currently, the project has a yet-to-be-determined completion date and funding will come from unspecified private sources, as well as bonds.

"The project has been put on hold awaiting funding," says Thomas Belcher, architect and project manager at Alfonso Architects. "We've had some conceptual design meetings for the project."

Writer: Alexis Quinn Chamberlain
Source: Thomas Belcher, Alfonso Architects

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