St. Petersburg Opens A Little Bit Of Housing For Everyone

St. Petersburg has opened a new 156-unit apartment complex near Edward White Hospital.

Booker Creek Apartments
at 2468 13th Ave. N. is now open for new tenants and features such amenities as nine-foot ceilings, energy-efficient appliances and modern cabinetry as well as a clubhouse with free WiFi, a Wii playroom and  fitness center.

According to Joshua Johnson, housing director for the city of St. Petersburg Community Enrichment program, the apartment complex is expected to meet the housing needs of families with all levels of income. "Sixty three of the units are required to be rented to families who make 60 percent or lower of area median income," he says. "The remaining units will be rented at market price.

The complex is the result of the combined efforts of the city of St. Petersburg, the Richmond Group of Florida, the Housing Finance Authority of Pinellas County, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac. The units were designed and built by the Richmond Group and financed through funding by the other entities, which made the $20 million project possible.

"The city contributed $3 million to the development," explains Johnson. "Which is how we were able to set aside the 63 units for lower income families."

"Every five years we conduct an analysis of what the city needs and provide a document for HUD indicating the housing needs for the city; what it lacks and needs in order to continue to grow," says Johnson. "Booker Creek is what affordable housing should look like."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Joshua Johnson, City of St. Petersburg
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