FDOT Plans Improvements For S.R. 583, Tampa

In an attempt to reduce pedestrian fatalities, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is planning a repavement and sidewalk project for S.R. 583 in Tampa.

Located at 50th and 56th Streets (also known as S.R. 583) between 23rd Avenue and north of Fowler, the FDOT's contractor, APAC Southeast Inc., will make improvements to the neighborhood, including new pavement, new sidewalks and new traffic signals and poles.

Paid by state funds, the $7.1 million project's goal is to make the roadway smoother for motorists while adding and repairing sidewalks for pedestrians. According to FDOT Public Information Officer Kris Carson, the Tampa Bay region currently has a  high number of pedestrian fatalities.

“Our goal is to reduce pedestrian fatalities by 20 percent by 2015,” she says. “We have a multidisciplined approach to accomplish this with the help of law enforcement, media, education and engineering improvements -- one of them being additional sidewalks.”

According to Carson, traffic will be monitored for congestion as the project requires lane closures. The project is expected to see completion by Spring 2013.

Writer: Alexis Quinn Chamberlain
Source: Kris Carson, FDOT
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