New Largo Playground Sprouts Mushrooms, Vines

The city of Largo recently revamped its Central Park playground with first-of-its-kind equipment that features swinging vines, a spinning chrysalis and giant mushrooms.

The nature-themed playground opened on May 7, and, according to Parks Superintendent Greg Brown, neighborhood kids were pressing noses to the fence weeks ahead in anticipation of a chance to play.

About 80 nearby residents came out to Central Park on April 9 to help put the playground equipment together. Brown says the equipment was ordered through Game Time, and is the first of its kind anywhere. "We hit the company just as they were opening. This equipment line came out during our bid process."

The five signature pieces chosen from that line include an overhead mushroom center that allows kids to swing from hanging bars, a chrysalis spinner, a beehive structure, vines that feature handles and steps that allow kids to climb or swing from tree to tree, and mushroom-shaped snack tables. Other equipment includes two 15-foot-tall space nets, a two-story tower and rock walls.

In addition, children ages 2 to 5 can enjoy playhouses taken right out of the "Three Little Pigs'' story, outfitted with play stoves, fireplaces, tracing tables and more. A climbing structure is also available for the smaller set.

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Greg Brown, City of Largo
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