Wider Sidewalks Improve Largo's 4th Street Corridor, Add Urban Polish

The city of Largo has completed its 4th Street reconstruction project.

The $899,741 project widened sidewalks along 4th Street to allow more room for pedestrians and bikers as well as automotive traffic along 4th Street in the downtown district. The project also improved drainage systems and the brick roadway between Cleveland Avenue and 8th Avenue SW.

The project is the first of several infrastructure projects identified in the city of Largo's Sidewalk Master Plan, which is designed to provide the community with an urban corridor within the city's downtown core. The sidewalk was widened to eight feet and serves as an urban trail from downtown to Largo Middle School, Central Park, the Cultural Center, the Largo Library and the Pinellas Trail.

"We've been working on the whole concept of addressing the sidewalks as we build out roads and do housing projects that rebuild or remodel homes," says Teresa Brydon, economic development manager with the city of Largo. "The bottom line is that we recognize that if we provide good, urban sidewalks, it's safer for our pedestrians. And as transit continues, we can link up to the corridors and be prepared for it when it comes."

The Sidewalk Master Plan was adopted in July 2009 by the city commission and outlines goals, priorities, and policies regarding location, selection, and construction standards and methodologies for the installation of a citywide sidewalk network.

Largo's Urban Trails Plan provides for a system of pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly sidewalk trails that connect Largo neighborhoods to the Pinellas and Progress Energy trails.

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Teresa Brydon, City of Largo
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