Temple Terrace Breaks Ground On Urban Center

After 10 years of dreaming and planning, Temple Terrace is finally breaking ground on its new downtown.

The project blends the efforts of public and private entities. The city of Temple Terrace sold 30 acres of land to the Vlass Group upon approving the master developer after an extensive bidding process. Vlass Temple Terrace, LLC has drawn up plans that paint a bustling downtown with ample commercial, residential and entertainment opportunities.

"The area is mixed use and includes residential and commercial facilities for resale in an area where young people can move in and have everything at their fingertips," says Temple Terrace Mayor Joe Affronti. "They'll have easy access to good transportation and interstates. It has a grocery store, restaurants, banking, a library and a cultural arts center, all of which should mean a lot if they're looking for convenience.

"This $160 million project is going to upgrade the entire region and enhance the value of the community," continues Affronti. "Especially for those who currently live here. It's probably the biggest project going on in the area at this time."

Mike Vlass of the Vlass Group has great things to say about Temple Terrace and its residents. "The mayor has been an incredible advocate with wonderful vision," says Vlass. It's evident residents care about their community. They wanted to do something that made sense. Sometimes people want to do projects and they don't make sense. But their vision makes sense."

Vlass is passionate about downtown redevelopment. "We are extremely sensitive to the trends in new urbanism," he says. "We have for the last 10 years gone into dense areas that have vacant, wasted spaces in ruins. We're recycling these wasted areas, tearing them down and creating something new."

Groundbreaking takes place July 2.

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Sources: Joe Affronti, City of Temple Terrace; Mike Vlass, Vlass Temple Terrace, LLC
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