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83 Degrees Reader Survey

Thanks for reading 83 Degrees and showing interest in the people and companies driving change in the Tampa Bay region. To help us better understand you and improve our coverage of the issues you care about, could you please take 60 seconds to answer a few questions? We greatly appreciate your interest and continued support.

Moffitt: Targeted Radiation Zaps Cancer, Speeds Recovery

Advances in radiation therapy at Moffitt Cancer Center increasingly turn diagnoses that once spelled a death sentence or necessitated life-altering treatments into experiences that patients walk away from to return to normal lives.

83 Degrees Media Welcomes RNC, Visitors To Tampa

Spend some time getting to know the people, the neighborhoods, the City of Tampa and the nearby cultural communities and you will find the Tampa Bay region as attractive as we do.

Not Your Average Speakers: P3s Shape Urban Living

83 Degrees Media's "Not Your Average Speakers'' series continues in September with Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn in a community conversation around P3s and opportunities for public-private partnerships to shape Tampa's urban spaces and places.

The Growing Tampa Bay-Israel Connection

Arts, technology and marine science groups and businesses in the Tampa Bay region are forging innovative partnerships with Israeli organizations and companies in a growing global connection. An example: A new regional alliance spanning the I-4 corridor unites the Jewish Federations of Tampa and Orlando as well as Pinellas and Pasco counties, strengthening the voice of the local Jewish community.

Creative, Crafty, Crazy, Indie, Derby: Out On The Town In Tampa Bay

So the Olympics are over and your invitation to the RNC party never arrived. What to do? Where to go? How to entertain yourself and friends beyond the political craziness? Here are five cool places and fun events to keep you busy while experiencing the talent, innovation, diversity and environment of the Tampa Bay region.

USF Health Grows Blood Bank, Studies Genetics Of Heart Diseases, Tampa

USF Health is collaborating with the American College of Cardiology and other hospitals to bank blood for genetic studies much like Moffitt Cancer Center is already doing with cancerous tumors.

St. Pete Startup Seeks Local Support On Kickstarter For Mobile Game

Solvent Studios, a St. Petersburg-based startup, is seeking $14,000 via Kickstarter for the launch of ''Amoeba: Big Adventures for Little Microbes,'' their first mobile video game.

Coaching Urban Entrepreneurs: Bradenton-Sarasota

The UEP on the Suncoast program nurtures emerging small businesses in the urban environments of Manatee and Sarasota counties. The public-private partnership is designed to succeed by making sure all involved have "skin in the game.''

Leave A Message: Urban Art In Florida, St. Petersburg

Urban art -- not graffiti and not vandalism -- expresses the creative bent of young men (and a few women) who often follow their artistic dreams by mixing mediums in the streets, on concrete and along walls. 

USF Attracts Nurses To New Degree Program, Tampa

USF redesigns degree program for nurses to meet needs cited by community members as well as healthcare professionals.

Florida Summer Camps Innovate To Meet Urgent STEM Needs

A unique mix of STEM summer camps in Tampa Bay sets out to connect students with greater knowledge and confidence while preparing them to join the workforce with the abilities necessary to land in real jobs.

SWOT Analysis By USFSP Student Helps Haiti Clinic

Marketing studies in Third World nations examine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats much like they do in the U.S., but the data collected, the solutions proposed and the outcomes projected look vastly different.

Tampa Bay Shines, Front Row Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Shines and Front Row Tampa Bay aim to attract investors in the region by showcasing people, places and things that promote civic pride.

Tampa Hackathon: Citizen Solvers Code For A Cause

Wouldn't it be cool if .... ? The city of Tampa's first hack-a-thon attracted about 75 techies and geeks with new and creative ideas for apps to communicate information, solve perceived ineffciencies and provide new services to the public.
205 Articles | Page: | Show All
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