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Ken Black hopes the moringa trees will help save Florida farms giving them a new source of income after farmers lost about 100,000 acres to failed citrus crop.

Superfood meets superman: Why and how moringa grows in Tampa Bay Area

Could moringa replace citrus as Florida's next big cash crop? A Tampa man teams up with researchers at the University of South Florida and the University of Florida to find out.

Tampa bicycle commuters Karen Kress, Alana Brasier, and Justin Willits.

Commuter Challenge: Going carless in Tampa

Getting to work isn't easy for most of us using Tampa streets and Hillsborough County roads. So spend a week using alternative transportation and see what happens.

John Kuhn, an Associate Professor for  the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

USF patents: Local scientists pursue innovations to make our lives better

How does research being done at USF in Tampa matter to you and your family? See the progress professors and students are making in converting waste to energy, and to prevent and treat strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, paralysis and more.

Unveiling Tesla

HART, Tesla unveil new public transit electric SUVs for short rides in North Tampa

The HART HyperLINK pilot program is an app-based, on-demand rideshare service offering $3 rides within three miles of Hillsborough County transit hubs.


Solar energy systems ramp up in Tampa Bay Area

Taking advantage of tax incentives and reduced costs, private industries and power companies are switching to solar as a more efficient source of energy in the Tampa Bay Area.


Innovation drives biofuel industry investments in Tampa Bay region

The growth of green industries throughout the Tampa Bay area in recent years is igniting a local surge in biofuel innovation -- an important step toward providing consumers with cleaner, more environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional fossil fuels.

Gypsum at TECO

Recycling evolves, grows at top Tampa Bay area companies

In the Tampa Bay region, recycling innovations benefit sustainable construction, waste-to-energy programs, and even cheetahs and tigers at Busch Gardens.


Control Your Commute With World's Lightest Electric Skateboard

Two years in the making, the Tampa-based Marbel Board is gaining national and international momentum to distinguish the company as one of Florida's hottest startups.

Mayor Buckhorn introduces Tampa's fleet of CNG vehicles. - Julie Branaman

Natural Gas Use Up In Tampa Bay As Fleets Convert

Public entities and private businesses across the Tampa Bay region are converting vehicular fleets to compressed natural gas, a cleaner, less expensive, domestically available energy source. The cities of Clearwater and Tampa, Tampa International Airport, Hillsborough County and HART are among those leading the way.

The Ella at Encore! houses residence age 62 and up. - Julie Branaman

Encore Tampa: Green Initiatives Shape Urban Design

Encore Tampa is designed as a sustainable community, with green initiatives built into everything from the provision of water and sewer to energy efficient construction to easy access to retail and recreation.


SERF Creates Collaborative Space For Sustainability Solutions, Tarpon Springs

After witnessing the confusion surrounding the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Tarpon Springs business owner Stephen Hickok wanted to use his space along the Anclote River to launch marine searches, sustainable building methods and a collaborative environment where business, nonprofits and students could work together toward innovative renewable energy solutions. His initial idea grew into a new nonprofit called Sustainable Environment Research Foundation.


Get Ready Tampa Bay: Electric Cars, Smart Energy

Get Ready Tampa Bay is an affiliate of the national Project Get Ready, an initiative of the Rocky Mountain Institute, a research and development organization committed to renewable energy sources. Power companies in the Tampa Bay region are teaming up to provide smart energy support for electric cars.


When Grey Is Green: Mining For Energy Savings In Tampa Bay

Olive Tree Energy is a "green" energy company situated in the Tampa Bay region that is in the business of recycling everyday wasted energy and using it to boost efficiency in commonly used appliances.


Hot Ideas Make Creative Minds Sizzle At Tampa Bay's coolTECH 2010

Scattered all across the Tampa Bay region -- in office parks, on college campuses, in home workshops and garages, perhaps even next door to you -- some of the world's coolest new technology is being envisioned, developed through trial and error, and adapted for practical use in business and industry as well as for personal assistance and play. Many examples were on display June 4 at the Tampa Bay Technology Forum's coolTECH 2010.


Will FL's Pasco County Rival CA's Silicon Valley?

Dais Analytic, a Pasco County nanotechnology company, is taking clean, green solutions across the globe, from mostly rural Odessa, just north of Tampa, to some of the world's most urban regions of China. The anticipated success of the energy and water innovator could also take Tampa Bay to a new place economically.
20 Articles | Page: | Show All
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