Sarasota Design Firm ROBRADY Unfolds Electric Bikes In Taiwan

ROBRADY Design of Sarasota is an innovative design firm specializing in consumer and commercial products. The firm employs 50 people and has worked with national brands including: Dell Computers, Mercedes Benz and Volvo Penta.

Approximately a year ago, Rob Brady, chief executive officer and design director for ROBRADY, was invited to go on a one-week to trip Asia by bike market guru Ed Benjamin. Benjamin introduced Brady to the team at DK City as they had seen ROBRADY's work on the Vectrix VX-1 Maxi Scooter and Super Bike. Long story short, upon Brady's return to the United States, ROBRADY presented three concept designs to DK City. DK City purchased all three and by August 2009 the two firms partnered to design, develop and manufacture the db0 electric folding bike line. ("db0" stands for "divided by nothing.)

In December 2009, DK City and ROBRADY introduced the db0 3.0 in Taipei, Taiwan to the public. The folding electric bicycle not only saves space, but time and energy.

"As you pedal the bike, it's as if someone is inside matching the energy that you put into your pedal, so it's a 2x return. So going up a hill or going a distance requires only half the energy," says Brady.

Brady believes that the electric bike is an inviting option for those who want to be more eco-friendly. Since the bike is electric and less energy is exerted, it is likely to reach a broader market of people who might consider using the bike as opposed to a car, to get to work or places around town.

The db0 3.0 is scheduled to go to market the first quarter of 2010. db0 1.0 and db0 2.0 are still in the works and will be launching soon as well.

"Typically studios like ours are found in LA, New York and Seattle, but our company is really Florida-centric," says Brady, who fell in love with the Sarasota coast.

"ROBRADY is focused on consumer and commercial products, which are really at the forefront of this recession, and so we've had to go out and find new ways of doing business,'' Brady says. "We've got a lot of talent here."

Writer: Nancy Vaughn
Source: Rob Brady, ROBRADY Design

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