Front Row Tampa Bay: Live Webcasts Offer Media Alternative

The Tampa Bay Partnership and The Victory Group have teamed up to create live webcasts of interviews with community, business and political leaders from across the state in hopes that you and the rest of the world will tune in rather than watch traditional media coverage surrounding the Republican National Convention.

The idea behind Front Row Tampa Bay is to showcase the stories of innovators, investors and thought leaders in their own words unfiltered by outsiders or insiders who may be more focused on different perspectives or unfavorable comparisons.

"The program provides opportunities for organizations of all types to showcase leading industries, groundbreaking research, up-and-coming entrepreneurs and our unparalleled quality of life,'' writes Stuart Rogel, president and CEO of the Partnership. "Using cutting-edge technology, our four-day Web TV broadcast will spotlight some of the key drivers that position the area so well in the new economy.''

Stories and interviews with people like Florida Gov. Rick Scott, former Gov. Jeb Bush and Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn specifically showcase investment opportunities and job growth in industries targeted by the Partnership, namely applied medicine and human performance, high-tech electronics and instruments, business, financial and data services, and marine and environmental activities.

Front Row will also offer stories on local attractions and RNC-related parties as a way to show the experiences and faces of Tampa Bay residents and visitors.

The overall investment -- more than $500,000 -- is among the largest the Partnership and its investors or any other organization is spending to market Tampa Bay.

Writer: Diane Egner
Source: Stuart Rogel, Tampa Bay Partnership

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Diane Egner is the publisher and managing editor at 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida. 
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