City Of Tampa Plans A Major Design Hackathon

Change you can believe in got you feeling a little unsatisfied? How about change you can program?

Mayor Bob Buckhorn’s office (City of Tampa) is working to create open access to many of the cities systems and databases to allow ad hoc, private teams of technologists to build and develop solutions for the city, local businesses and residents/visitors.

To kickstart this initiative, they envision a hackathon.

Hackathons offer web designers and developers an opportunity to try out new ideas and collaborate with other coders in a fun and semi-managed environment.

Former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome got the ball rolling with the concept in 2010, passing the first open data law in the United States (SF led the way with openness and technology? You don’t say!).

Unsure of whether or not this would work? Here’s a detailed explanation (via of how the intelligent, digitally-skilled, and civic-minded among us have begun to re-program our cities with novel and useful apps: TED talk on “Code for America.”

The event will be June 22-24. For specifics about location, parking, remaining sponsorship opportunities and general information on the open data movement in Tampa, visit the city's website.

Remember, nerds change the world, and you should be nice to them.

Lastly, if you think this is a good idea and want to throw another hackathon in the Tampa Bay region, here’s a list of tips and suggestions for your organizational pleasure.

“Step-by-step, ferociously,” -- Jeff Bezos.

Writer: Nathan Schwagler
Source: City of Tampa
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