Moffitt Cancer Center Pedals Cure On Ride To Capitol

A group of committed cyclists left Tampa on Feb. 13 to begin a 300-mile journey to Tallahassee.

The cyclists are riding on behalf of Moffitt Cancer Center's Cure On Wheels to raise awareness about cancer research. And while the three-day ride to the state capital has become a tradition, the timing of this year's ride seems prescient because it is taking place right after the recent announcement of Gov. Rick Scott's plans to cut $9 million from the state budget that had been allocated for Moffitt.

"We were disappointed to see a proposed $9 million reduction in the annual appropriation for Moffitt, but we are not worried," says Richard Lush, scientific director of Moffitt's Clinical Trials Laboratory Core Facility.

"The budget proposal put forth by the governor's office will have many edits and updates as it goes through the legislative process and we are confident that the value of the state's annual appropriation will become more apparent to the Governor and the Legislature," Lush says.

Lush has been riding with fellow Cure On Wheels riders for the past three years.

"Starting last year the Cure on Wheels organization organized the Capitol Ride to highlight the need for cancer research funding arriving in the capital on Moffitt Day," says Lush. "I have been involved in cancer research since 1988 and will have seen the incredible advancement in our knowledge of the inner workings of human cells. The only way to cure this disease is through continued research."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Richard Lush, Moffitt Cancer Center

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