Pinellas Author Offers Job Workshops For Veterans

Every Thursday morning at a church in Clearwater a group of veterans attend Lee Savage’s job search workshop. The program, AIM for Jobs-4-Veterans, was created by Savage to help military veterans transition into the civilian workforce.

"AIM for Jobs-4-Veterans is open to veterans regardless of age, gender or length of service,'' Savage says. "Since workshops are provided each week, unemployed veterans can jump in any time.''

Savage is no stranger to helping people with their job searches; he has more than 25 years of experience in human resources and job placement. He recently published a book titled, AIM for Jobs, which helps jobseekers navigate the job search process.

"One night I was awakened around 2:30 a.m. with the word 'aim' and a target,'' he says. "I got up and wrote it down including the arrow, which has the words of the acronym: attitude, initiative and motivation. I told this to my wife, Joan, and my kids and they encouraged me to write the book with that title and logo.''

Savage uses the information found in his book in the workshop that he leads every week at Heritage Church, 2680 Landmark Dr. in Clearwater. His goal is to reach 100 veterans each month until every unemployed veteran in the Tampa Bay region, and ultimately Florida, finds employment. To reach his goal, he seeks $25 donations from individuals in the community to pay for an unemployed veteran to attend the workshops and receive materials.

"Currently we have 10 individual sponsors at all levels and four corporate sponsors covering 52 veterans,'' Savage says. "We stay with each of our vets until they find a job; four have found jobs in the past six days.''

Writer: Kimberly Patterson
Source: Lee Savage, AIM for Jobs-4-Veterans

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Kimberly Patterson is a news editor for 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.
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