Buddy Brew Coffee Opens Cafe On Kennedy In Tampa

Who knew coffee-making, like wine, was such an art? Susan and David Ward, that's who.

The couple, who own and operate Buddy Brew Coffee in Tampa, recently opened a storefront at 2020 W. Kennedy Blvd. to accommodate their growing business.

"First and foremost we're a coffee roaster," says Susan. "But we found this great space with big windows and a great door. So we ended up opening a small coffee shop with a bar, a couch, tables and chairs. The roaster is on a stage where people can watch the coffee as it's roasted."

The couple's coffee passion drove them to abandon the corporate world a couple of years ago and embrace their shared entrepreneurial spirit.

"We love the whole process of coffee," says Ward. "The taste and experience, what happens around it and the community it creates," says Ward. "Roasting coffee is the perfect combination of science and art."

Ward and her husband began by giving out bags of coffee they roasted with their home roaster to friends and family for the holidays. The reviews were so positive, the couple decided to invest in a commercial 1,000-pound Dietrich roaster and began selling online. They are passionately committed to quality.

"Anyone can turn a bean brown," says Ward. "But to really bring out all of the great natural flavors in each bean, it is a true art and science. How you treat each batch of beans brings out different flavors in the bean. Just like wine, there are so many nuances: body, finish and flavor. We spend hours creating roast profiles for each type of bean we roast."

The business is named for the couple's 13-year-old golden retriever. When asked if Buddy's a fixture in the new store, Ward laughs. "He makes guest appearances. He likes his time on the couch."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Source: Susan Ward, Buddy Brew Coffee

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