Feature Story The ARTours Clearwater mobile app uses augmented reality technology to bring four downtown murals to life.

ARTours Clearwater uses AR to bring downtown murals to life

The City of Clearwater and USF have collaborated on ARTours Clearwater, which uses augmented reality technology to bring four downtown murals to life.

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Masthead gallery: Robert W. Saunders, Sr. Public Library

Tampa's Robert W. Saunders, Sr. Public Library in photos.

Feature Story This mural by artist Meaghan Farrell Scalise on the Maven Market honors the Channel District area's history  and its present day boom.

Channel District's evolution from industrial district to live, work, play urban lifestyle

Over the decades, Tampa's Channel District has transformed from shipyards and warehouses to a bustling live, work, play urban neighborhood. 

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Much has changed for the better in East Tampa since the 1980s when riots rocked the majority minority community and criminals ran rampant, but many challenges remain even as bold solution makers work to create jobs, new housing, education opportunities, access to ...

West Tampa

West Tampa is an historic Tampa neighborhood undergoing transformational change driven by investments and entrepreneurs. Traditionally defined by its working class, primarily Latin culture, the neighborhood is increasingly seen as a place of opportunity for talent, ...