Feature Story Latino Scholar Evelyn Cueves Campos and Sponsor Richard Gonzmart of the Columbia Restaurant Group.

USF Latino Scholarship Program: Creating generational change for good

The USF Latino Scholarship Program is designed to make the University of South Florida a more diverse institution and to better connect Latinx students with the academic environment while giving them the tools they will need to succeed after graduation.

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Book excerpt: Tampa: Impressions of an Emigrant by Wenceslao Gálvez y Delmonte

Wenceslao Gálvez y Delmonte (1867–1951) was a Cuban-born baseball player, lawyer, and writer. In 1896, Gálvez fled the violence of Cuba’s war for independence and settled in Tampa. He soon made his new home the focus of a work of costumbrismo, the Spanish-language genre built on closely observing the everyday manners and customs of a place. This excerpt is taken from Gálvez’s narrative and is translated into English. 

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Awaiting a COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. S. "Aaron'' Laden, a retired pathologist in the Tampa Bay Area, looks for humor in the everyday vicissitudes of life. This time his cartoon reflects the boredom setting in while waiting for a vaccine.

Feature Story High School student Matthew Aleman works remotely to finish his studies.

COVID-19 recovery: A look at pandemic life in Tampa's Tempo District

COVID's disproportionate economic hardship on lower-income Americans is well documented as the pandemic rages on across the nation. In Tampa, community organizations and neighbors are stepping up to help residents of ENCORE!, a newly constructed affordable housing, retail, and green space on the north edge of downtown.

Feature Story Black Leadership Network Founders (l to r) Jerry Bell, Ruth Bell, Ashley Butler, Adrien Julious-Butler, Rena Upshaw-Frazier, Anddrikk Frazier, Monica Narain and Ed Narain.

Black Leadership Network at USF champions professional development, builds community

"The Black Leadership Network helps provide a viable pathway for students who want to attend USF, offers support while they are here, and opportunities for their careers and future when they graduate," says Walter Jennings, Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives at USF in Tampa.

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West Tampa

West Tampa is an historic Tampa neighborhood undergoing transformational change as new people and businesses move in. Traditionally defined by its working class, primarily Latin culture, the neighborhood is increasingly seen as a place of opportunity for a diversity of ...