Going carless in Tampa: HCC professor finds commuting by bus works for him

Dustin Lemke, a Hillsborough Community College Communications Professor and experienced world traveler, uses public transportation everywhere he visits around the globe.

Back in 2010 he started wondering if he could successfully get around the Tampa Bay area, including commute to work from his Tampa Heights home. He traded in his car keys for a bus pass and challenged himself to rely on HART (Hillsborough Area Regional Transit) to get him to HCC and around Hillsborough County for one year. 

The experience went so well that after the first year was up, Lemke decided he really didn't want a new car, he wanted to keep riding. That was 2011 and now he is a connoisseur of public transportation, navigating the Tampa Bay region with help from HART's OneBusAway app and Google maps. 

Take a ride with Dustin in the above 83 Degrees Media video story to learn why he prefers traversing Tampa via regional transit.

Do you choose to go carless in Tampa? Let us tell your story. Send us an email and we’ll consider featuring your experiences next.

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Julie Branaman is managing photographer at 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.
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