Photo Slideshow: The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg

See and hear The Dali Museum Executive Director Hank Hine discuss the details of his favorite Dali painting (Morphological Echo) and Architect Yann Weymouth talk about intriguing features (the unending handrail winding along the DNA strand spiral staircase, for instance) at the new $36 million museum in downtown St. Petersburg.

The 66,450-square-feet museum next to Mahaffey Theater opened to worldwide acclaim on Jan. 11, 2011, and is expected to be a prime tourism destination for visitors from around the globe. Designed by Weymouth, an architect at HOK who helped I.M. Pei create the inverted pyramid at the Louvre in Paris, the museum is built to sustain 165 mph winds associated with a Category 5 hurricane.

Private fund-raising led by investment banker William R. Hough is expected to top $30 million, including $15-$20 million for an endowment fund.