Fairgrounds St. Pete opens choose-your-own art and tech adventureAn immersive vintage Florida experience like none other

The newly opened Fairgrounds St. Pete embraces the Old Florida experience with eclectic and vibrantly colored vintage motel rooms in flashing neon lights with fuchsia bed spreads.

Visitors are in for a treat as Fairgrounds, an interactive story-driven installation in the Warehouse Arts District, allows people to walk through immersive art experiences in which viewers become part of the installation. Rooms honor the eclectic hotel owner who embraces spirituality, mermaid sea shell walls, and a strawberry room named for Florida’s favorite berry festival.

The glowing nostalgia-inspiring art and creations give a nod to the Tampa Bay Area’s beautiful environment and fragile eco-systems with thought-provoking pieces that get people thinking “where does Florida’s water come from” as they dip their hands into the vintage ice machine with a peek-through-hole to glowing blue water pipes, an homage to the state's well-known natural springs and waterways.

Fairgrounds St. Pete is now open and offers discounted tickets to Florida residents for $25 each. For more information, check out the images below and visit the Fairgrounds St. Pete website and Fairgrounds St. Pete channel on YouTube.

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