Innovation Fixation in Tampa Bay: Formerics LLC

Editor's note: This short video is part of a TBCN series featuring local inventors, showcasing the future of technology in the Tampa Bay region.

Program description: Personalized medicine. It’s an approach to customizing treatments for individual patients. It’s the wave of the future in healthcare. Formerics LLC is a provider of software tools for building 3-D engineered models of the human body. These models can predict how an individual’s body will respond to various treatments and therapies, without the risk of adverse effects. Watch Innovation Fixation to learn more about Formerics LLC’s approach to improving outcomes.

Company: Formerics LLC

Participant: Dr. Daniel Simkins, USF Civil and Environmental Engineering

Produced at TBCN, Your Community Broadcasting Network.

Supported by Hillsborough County Economic Development Innovation Initiative (EDI2).
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