Video: Youth orchestra trains kids, teens, young adults

“Music is the universal language of mankind,” famously said Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in describing its powerful magic for communicating among people of different cultures, ethnicities and communities.

So powerful, believes Jessica Calandra, an Elementary School Music Teacher in Hillsborough County and co-founder of FloriMezzo, "Florida Musicians Educational Society," that it can change lives and shape futures.

That’s essentially the motivational force driving Calandra’s creation, TMYO (Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra), which she founded after leaving the Patel Conservatory as the Youth Orchestra Manager. 

TMYO is a youth orchestra training program for people between the ages of 6-21. The program has 4 orchestras based on an individual’s experience and skill level. They also have a chamber music program and mentor children on their audition skills. 

The students are exposed to respected conductors under the direction of Dr. William Wiedrich, a highly recognized conductor and clinician. Rehearsals take place at the USF School of Music, a new state of the art facility with a master concert hall and teaching classrooms. 

“To enroll in TMYO, is first and foremost, a lot of fun” Dr. William Wiedrich. 

To learn more, take a look at the video displayed above. 

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