PSA: Free job search support for transitioning troops, military families

Project Transition USA has supported the transition of more than 4,000 troops at MacDill Air Force Base since 2012. When COVID-19 brought their popular full-day LinkedIn workshops to a halt, word got out that many troops were left to face impending unemployment alone.

Nancy Laine of Project Transition USAWithin two weeks, the Project Transition USA team adapted, converting their full-day class into a new free online course for transitioning military troops and families worldwide. 

This new course is now available on LinkedIn through the Project Transition USA group. It is designed to help all troops by sparing them frustration and grief during their job hunt. 

Project Transition USA is a 501c3 nonprofit that specializes in teaching transitioning military veterans and their families how to fully utilize LinkedIn, a well-established business networking website.

The nonprofit is best known for leading inspiring and entertaining LinkedIn workshops for troops, providing personal introductions to VIPs, and managing the "Project Transition USA" group on LinkedIn, which is frequented by military-friendly hiring managers and business people from all walks of life.  

To learn more, visit the Project Transition USA website or contact Founder Nancy Laine at 727-415-3878. Laine is the Co-Founder & President of Project Transition USA.
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