Florida CraftArt exhibition puts spotlight on environmental issues

For the past few years, issues surrounding the environment have been pushed to the forefront. To add to this important conversation, Florida CraftArt’s newest exhibition “Environmentally Engaged” aims to tackle the relationship between humans and our natural environment. 
“There are a lot of artists who work with social issues of some sort or be thinking and doing work that involves some pertinent issue for our current time. Climate change and the environment is a topic that’s urgent and on everyone’s mind,” says Katie Deits, the Executive Director of Florida CraftArt.
The 36 artists selected for this exhibition, which is open through Oct. 23, approach the topic of the environment from different angles, whether pulling from the animal kingdom like Julia Galloway does with her endangered species series of urns or even bringing up the topic of recycling like with Nick Reale’s chairs made of locally-sourced reclaimed wood.
Florida CraftArt also engages the community with free educational programming that coincides with shows made possible by support from sponsors Kathryn Howd and Edward Rucks, David and Becky Ramsey, Regions Bank, the City of St. Petersburg, and Florida’s Division of Arts & Culture.
“Artists are the first to notice issues in the world. This exhibition is a great way to bring up environmental issues because it’s a visual way to reach people. It will have a deep emotional impact which will have more of an effect on the viewer. We’re hoping that in addition to the artists, people who visit this show will get the message and be motivated to do more to help the planet,” Deits says.
To find out more about the exhibition, visit the Florida CraftArt website.
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