Startup BUNKR Life is designed to protect consumer informationThe purpose-driven, entrepreneurial company is hiring

We're all potential victims of identity theft or compromised privacy in one form or another. 

Few haven't been the victim or at least known of someone whose life has been disrupted by fraudulent charges to our bank accounts, scams, online shopping fraud, driver's license theft.

Kurt Long of St. Petersburg and his sons, Trent and Hobie, the founding team at BUNKR Life, aim to change that.

With more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience leading high-growth businesses that protect people from such crimes, the newly-formed company located in St. Pete utilizes cloud-based software technologies to build trusted networks, streamline daily tasks from any location, and protect households against threats to privacy in everyday modern life.

For Long, BUNKR Life is a "personal entrepreneurial philosophy that is committed to generating sustainable value in the lives of every stakeholder involved in a business and the lives of our customers."
Launching a new company during the COVID-19 global pandemic doesn’t seem to faze Long. He says that he and BUNKR Life’s co-founders are big-picture thinkers, and believe that the philosophy that BUNKR Life maintains is one that resonates with customers and stakeholders.
"This is actually a wonderful time to start BUNKR Life. 'Disruption' as promoted by the technology-elite, has hit rock bottom during this crisis. Our media disrupts us, our politics are disrupted, technology is designed to disrupt our attention, and now our health is disrupted," Long says.

"Disruption isn't working for our society and benefits only a small number of elite who continue to use disruption as a tool to aggregate more wealth while normal people suffer from a fractured society, less opportunity and reduced buying power," he adds. "More and more people are recognizing this and are seeking peace of mind and want to do business with people they can actually trust who align business interests with customer interests."

Long is an expert when it comes to protecting information.

He launched BUNKR Life after 15 years as founder and CEO of FairWarning, a company that successfully pioneered protecting patients against medical identity theft and protected personal data held in customer relationship management systems such as Salesforce.
"Right now, consumers have the tables tilted against them when it comes to protecting their most important information,” says Long. "This means most corporations extract consumer information from us then use it to maximize corporate profits without regard to their customers' lives as well as the impact on society overall. Further, because of a lack of privacy and security protection laws in the United States for consumers, consumer data is breached by organized criminals then used against us in scams, frauds and identity theft schemes of all kinds."

"BUNKR Life is a very important endeavor in continuing our work in building businesses that benefit society," he says.
Long recognizes that the Tampa Bay Area has become a thriving place for tech.

"Tampa Bay is breaking through as a legitimate tech hub with all kinds of great, medium-sized, high-growth businesses headquartered here. We have become a great place to find talent."

For more information, visit BUNKR Life's website.


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Allison Koehler is a Cleveland-area native who now lives in Tampa by way of Detroit. She resides in Seminole Heights with her partner, Phil, and three children -- one human and two cats. When she isn't writing, she's watching pro football, listening to music, or streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime. 
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