PowerChord powers up SaaS from St. PeteSoftware as a Service company adds staff, new branding

Over the past three months, St. Petersburg’s PowerChord has reached several milestones in its 19-year history, opening new staff positions, rolling out new branding, and adding new features to its branding Platform.
PowerChord is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company focused on digital marketing backed by a 75-member staff of in-house talent. SaaS marketing focuses on promoting and selling subscription-based products. It’s a way for businesses to sell products in cloud-based applications with regular updates and additional functions.
Founded in 2001, PowerChord represents dealer-distributed brands in multiple local locations, which rely mostly on independent retailers and stores to market and sell their products. Some of those brands include Grasshopper Mowers and Kubota, which use PowerChord’s Platform to utilize branded website experiences for each dealer.
PowerChord supports those websites with what the company calls “omnichannel digital marketing campaigns to increase lead generation and sales.”

Jessica Garcia, VP of AM Public Relations, Winter Park, says PowerChord is currently hiring for multiple positions in its St. Petersburg office, adding new employees to the approximately 75 already working for the company.
At the same time, the company is enhancing its SaaS channel Platform with new features while launching a company rebrand. Garcia says channel software – technology between brands and selling partners to increase transparency in marketing and sales -- is currently a “growing, $2 billion market.”

As well as staff and marketing changes through the rebrand, including a new logo and brand identity, PowerChord is launching new Platform features and digital marketing services -- despite today’s climate of precarious economic stability.
Nikki Vegenski, PowerChord senior VP of marketing and strategy, says among the multiple positions for which the company is hiring are Information Technology and sales.
Vegenski, who’s been with PowerChord since 2008, says those new staff members will work with some of the recent features of PowerChord's SaaS platform, such as the company’s new visualization for the Command Center, allowing brands to see engaging and easy-to-understand data dashboards.
To lead to more company-wide cohesiveness, this platform has the ability to visualize lead data by attribution. Vegenski says that will allow brands to understand which campaigns and channels tie into which leads.
In addition, Vegenski says with customers around the world, the Platform is available in five languages: English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.
“Effective brand-to-local marketing efforts are crucial right now as companies navigate COVID-19, and many consumers are using this time to research, compare, and purchase products directly online,” she says.
According to information provided by PowerChord, brands and their dealers use PowerChord’s Platform to deploy branded website experiences for each dealer “at scale” and support those websites with “omnichannel digital marketing campaigns” that together “increase lead generation and revenue opportunity.”

“The result is not only consistent and visible product marketing across thousands of dealer sites, but data and analytics on local leads brands have never had before,” the company states.

PowerChord represents multi-location, dealer-distributed brands that typically rely on their retailers to market and sell their products. Historically, some of those brands struggle to maintain familiarity, engage their customers, and gain visibility online. The company says its audit of more than 50 brands found 80 percent of retailers don’t list the brand logo or company name on their homepage, with nearly 60 percent entirely leaving out the brand’s information on their sites.
Vegenski says the company’s Platform “connects brands to their customers.” She says paired with localized digital marketing it makes a local activation engine that is one of the best.

Overall, Vegenski adds brands today lose visibility into local leads for their retailers. She says by having visibility into incoming revenue opportunities, brands and their sales teams can further support local retailers to ensure the local customer journey and experience is a “positive one,” starting online.
“The PowerChord platform is robust, scalable, and powerful; it's a true platform ecosystem for local lead generation and distribution between a brand and their local retailers,” she adds.

More recently, PowerChord has made additional platform updates, which include a new library of website design components that have been optimized for lead generation. That allows for faster site implementations and more rapid updates to content and site design, says Garcia.
Furthermore, PowerChord has integrated with Zapier to access thousands of third-party software integrations a customer might need, such as integrating the platform with a brand’s CRM. Zapier is a global remote company that allows end-users to integrate the web applications they use.

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