Tampa Bay Innovation Center accelerator helps startups working on climate change solutions

The Tampa Bay Innovation Center is launching a new program to assist entrepreneurs working on solutions to the challenges climate change poses for communities and businesses in Florida and around the globe. 

The 12-week climate tech accelerator program starts in January for early-stage startups working on climate tech and sustainability. 

“There is a lot of activity in that area and a lot of innovation,” says Ken Evans, the managing director of the Tampa Bay Innovation Center’s accelerator program. “We’ve had climate and ESG (environmental social and governance) related companies in past accelerator cohorts that have been more general focus B2B focused. So it’s not the first time that we’ve had companies in that space catering to that industry. But we’ve been talking for some time to see if we could do a very focused cohort just on companies that are servicing customers in that sector, building for that industry, solving big climate and big tech issues. It is a big issue for farming; it's a big issue for municipalities; it’s a big issue for business. Companies small and large will be affected by this.”

With its focus on the significant worldwide issue of climate, the new accelerator program attracted more than 250 applicants from across the U.S., South America and other areas of the globe. 

“We had a good batch of  Florida companies,” Evans says. “I was very happy to see Florida companies submitting applications for the program.”

Startups working on stormwater issues, flood predictions, ESG reporting and microgrid technology for more resilient power delivery have been part of past accelerator cohorts. The climate tech accelerator has drawn applications from companies working on solutions in areas such as battery technology, carbon capture technology, agriculture, energy monitoring solutions, energy conservation for HVAC systems and ocean pollution solutions. 

From the more than 250 applicants, a cohort of eight to 12 companies will be announced in late December or early January. The program offers weekly workshops, mentors and weekly guest speakers who have built climate tech businesses, customer validation research, networking with industry players and introductions to potential investors. 

For more information go to Tampa Bay Innovation Center
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