Tampa tech firm gets $85M investment to map kidney disease

More than 30 million Americans are affected by chronic kidney disease.

The scariest part? Most of them don’t even know they have it.

Tampa company Healthmap Solutions is hoping to change that, and thanks to a recent $85 million private equity investment from New York-based firm WindRose Health Investments, they now have the resources to continue their growth and expand their reach outside of Florida.

“It’s amazing,” says Healthmap CEO Joseph Vattamattam of the investment, which is among the largest to be received by a localJoe Vattamattam, Healthmap Solutions tech company. “Healthcare is a growing sector in need of disruption and improvement, and we feel very fortunate to come to work every day to fulfill our mission of improving the health of kidney patients across the country. This capital allows us to do just that.”

Healthmap’s approach to kidney health management is multilayered. First, they collect patient data provided by their clients, who are typically insurance companies, hospital systems, or large groups of healthcare providers. Next, they analyze that data to identify people who are at risk for kidney disease -- or already have the disease and may not know it. Then, they share that information with healthcare providers who can proactively reach out to their patients to coordinate their care and, ideally, prevent future adverse events. Healthmap also works directly with patients, educating them on kidney disease and how they can manage it.

The result? Earlier identification and better quality of care for patients, and cost savings for healthcare providers.

“In general, our country’s healthcare delivery system is good at treating people when they present as being sick,” says Vattamattam. “What we’re not always good at is managing those with chronic conditions who need ongoing help, and their care isn’t always coordinated because patient data is siloed. That’s what Healthmap addresses.”

As a result of their efforts, thousands of people who were not previously diagnosed with kidney disease now know their status and can begin taking steps to manage their care, Vattamattam says. Healthmap’s focus began in Florida, but the company has been expanding to other states, and the $85 million investment will help them broaden their reach nationwide.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Healthmap,” says Oliver Moses, Managing Partner with WindRose, a firm that manages over $1.4 billion in investments that operate within the healthcare industry. “We have evaluated many businesses in this sector and have identified Healthmap as the premier platform.”

To support Healthmap’s growth, Vattamattam has brought on additional team members and anticipates hiring more in the future. As a St. Petersburg native, he’s especially excited to grow the company in the Tampa Bay Area.

“It’s more than the pride I have in growing up here,” he says. “The Tampa Bay Area has a great talent pool of people in technology and also those on the clinical side. We’re pretty pleased with the talent we can recruit and retain.”

For more information about Healthmap Solutions, visit their website by clicking here.

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