Tired of waiting at the doctor's office? Free app can help

There has rarely been a worse time than now to be stuck in the waiting room of a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office. Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, medical facilities are beyond capacity and wait times are long, but the innovative app DocClocker aims to change that.
DocClocker, created by Tampa Bay Area physicians, allows medical facilities to provide patients with real-time wait time reporting to decrease sick patient exposure.

With the free app, patients receive notifications for upcoming appointments and can view current and average wait times for area providers. It can also be used to give updates about a patient’s surgery, directly from an operating room.

Dr. Eric Carter and Dr. Kevin Makati, cofounders of DocClocker, shared the personal ordeal of a family member who experienced a lengthy surgical procedure.

The doctors wondered why, in this day and age, there weren’t instant appointment updates for patients. “We were both frustrated with the lack of tools we had to communicate delays experienced in the office,” says Makati.
Makati added that 80% of the frustrations people have about their physicians results from waiting.

DocClocker is doing its part to help limit the transmission of COVID-19.

“As governments and communities around the globe are doing everything in their power to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is our obligation as medical providers to do the same for the safety of our patients,” he says. “By providing real-time wait times to your patients with DocClocker, you are demonstrating your commitment and true care for their wellbeing.”

Both doctors have medical practices in Lutz -- Dr. Makati is a cardiologist, and Dr. Carter is a hospitalist.
Tampa’s Fast Pathway, Inc. developed the app.

For more information, visit the DocClocker website.

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