CTI: Leadership Training Firm Adds Jobs, Hiring

The Center for Transformation and Innovation (CTI) has experienced tremendous growth and is planning to hire three additional employees by the end of the year. The company, which offers coaching and training to individuals and organizations, was started in 2005 within the USF College of Health. Since its inception, the company has grown more than 1,000 percent and earlier this year became a standalone company from the university, although the business remains close to USF.

"We have grown fast, achieved profitability and expect more growth next year,'' says Mohamad "Mo'' Kasti, CEO of CTI. "We hired seven people this year and plan to hire one to two additional sales people as well as a client manager.''

CTI works with clients in various fields including healthcare, government, energy and manufacturing. The business team and coaches offer classes and workshops on leadership, sales and marketing, strategic planning and innovation, among several others.

"We offer services nationally to many organizations by transforming their leaders and their cultures,'' Kasti says.
While CTI has clients throughout the U.S., the company has made an impact on local businesses as well. Kasti says his organization has helped the Heartbeat Foundation and Tampa International Airport by transforming their business strategies.

CTI also offers an annual workshop for local leaders.  

"Our Executive Leadership Institute of Tampa (ELI) for local executives and leaders helps local leaders transform the way they lead their teams and organizations,'' Kasti says. "We are launching another ELI class in January and will have more success stories locally working with local leaders.''

Writer: Kimberly Patterson
Source: Mohamad Kasti, Center for Transformation and Innovation

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Kimberly Patterson is a news editor for 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.
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