Medical Records: eDocs To Add 8 Jobs In Tampa Bay

Doctors are facing a big deadline in 2014, and a Spring Hill company is hiring more staff to help them make that deadline.

By 2014, all patient medical records must be electronic, and eDocs Conversion Solutions is helping docs throughout Tampa Bay to convert their paper records to electronic. eDocs needs additional staff to accomplish its goal.

The company, owned and operated by Victoria Kaczynski and Teresina Jessie, added two employees since the beginning of 2012 and plans to add eight more by the end of the year. They also have entered into a partnership with Hielix, a company that helps facilitate the conversion process by assisting doctors' offices in choosing the right IT vendor.

"We saw an approximate 16 percent growth in 2011 and anticipate that if not more next year," says Kaczynski. "As we grow, we’re going need to hire staff to prepare records, to scan charts, someone to handle Q & A and, of course, more medical transcriptionists."

Kaczynski explains the relationship between her company and Hielix, and how it benefits their doctor-clients. 

"Hielix helps the doctor decide on a vendor that will work best for their practice. The next step involves what to do with all the existing patient records. This is where eDocs comes in. We help them incorporate their old charts to integrate seamlessly with the EMR system Hielix has helped them choose."

Kaczynski and Jessie attribute the growth of the business not only to the impending conversion deadline, but also to their focus and ability to stay ahead of industry trends. 

"We started out as transcribers," explains Kaczynski. "In the last couple of years, we've been focusing on branching out." 

Adds Jessie: "We’ve always tried to keep a step ahead. We saw the move to EMR compliance as an opportunity. So we hopped on board."

Writer: Missy Kavanaugh
Sources: Victoria Kaczynski and Teresina Jessie, eDocs Conversion Solutions
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