BlueGrace Logistics grows, creates jobs in Tampa Bay Area

A Riverview-based logistics firm at the forefront of easing COVID-related supply chain woes is planning to add 30 to 35 employees in the area annually in 2022 and beyond.

The main reason? Intentional growth.

“We’re a hypergrowth tech company in the logistic space,” explains BlueGrace Logistics’ Chief Marketing Officer Mark Derks. “The acquisition of new talent is really to support our hypergrowth.”

As a major third-party logistics provider procuring shipping capacity for customers who need to move freight, BlueGrace also is working to resolve capacity issues in a supply chain disrupted by COVID-19.

“Definitely there’s a strong demand for the industry that is also supporting the growth of the organization,” Derks says “A lot of our efforts are focused on optimization.”

BlueGrace, which employs 535 in 12 offices nationwide, is anticipating hiring an additional 30 to 35 each year at its local headquarters from 2022 to 2024, and possibly through 2026, he says.

“We’re largely hiring for sales,” he adds.

Positions involve business development, customer sales, carrier sales, full-stack engineering, and finance, with pay scales that may range from $50,000 plus commission to $250,000 plus commission.

The company offers profit sharing as well as a full benefits package including paid vacation and sick leave, long- and short-term disability and life insurance and medical, dental and vision coverage.

The firm, which prioritizes diversity, places an emphasis on company culture, not just pay scales.

“Our company is driven by our core values,” he says.

The core values include being passionate about excellence, caring, pursuing outrageous goals, simplifying, embracing supply chain chaos, being happy and humble, and having fun.

“We have a culture of teamwork collaboration and inclusion. We have a culture of solving problems for our customers,” he says.

BlueGrace also has a culture for “driving innovation and new technology into the logistic market,” he adds.

At a time when many employers are struggling to fill positions, BlueGrace relies on multi-faceted recruitment efforts including internal and external recruiters, building a strong brand at Glassdoor, relying on informal conversations, and recruiting from other markets.

“You have to get the compensation right. You have to get the culture right and you have to get the work composite (what job are you doing),” he explains. “All three of those things have to line up much more today than they have in the past.”

It finds entry-level workers from area universities.

“The Tampa Bay market, they have great schools. … there are graduating seniors coming out of college at high rates,” he says.

He also notes “Tampa is emerging as one of the fastest-growing tech cities.”

“Tampa and Florida in general is good for supply chain talent with all the ports,” he adds. “Tampa is also very great for interns.”

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