Genesis Systems of Tampa offers solution to global water scarcity

Water sustains life. When there isn’t enough, societies may turn to desalinization. That’s because without enough water, there can be instability, riots, and economic collapse.

But a Tampa company has come up with a solution that can be used even far from shore: WaterCubeTM.

Approximately the size of a shipping container, WaterCubeTM is portable and can provide up to 10 million gallons of water daily without access to any water supply.   

It relies on humidity and requires minimal energy, so it can be powered by clean energy sources like solar and wind power. When air leaves the system it is clean, dry, and CO2 free.

“The water that is produced is medical-grade, ultra-pure fresh water,” says Shannon Stuckenberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Genesis Systems LLC.

WaterCubeTM was invented by her husband, Dr. David Stuckenberg, an aerospace engineer, who witnessed the need firsthand while deployed.

“We agreed to have the design vetted by the best engineers in the nation,” she recalls.

Among them was board member Phil Sumrall, who helped put man on the Moon.

Founded in 2016, Genesis employs 20 today and has plans to hire 125 during the next five years. Positions include C-level executives, engineers (civil, mechanical, chemical and design), technicians and programmers, assembly workers (welders, pipefitters, sheet metal workers), project managers and administration. Engineering fellows positions will be available as well.

Stuckenberg says Tampa’s port is critical to the company’s operations.

“Genesis needs to move products East and West. There is incredible pent-up demand for our products worldwide,” she explains.

Stuckenberg, who has a background in sustainable agriculture and conservation, says the company plans to bloom in Tampa.

“The Tampa Bay community has the capacity to be a global change leader in terms of sustainability. I believe Genesis will be a key leader in that change going forward,” she says.

She believes the business environment will allow innovation “to become part of the new smarter normal.”

“Tampa’s environment for discovery, innovation, and economic growth is real and it matters to companies like Genesis,” Stuckenberg says. “Innovation will be the driver of a new circular and sustainable economy.”
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