Distribution Company Expands In Tampa, Lakeland

xpedx, a business-to-business distribution company with offices in Tampa and Lakeland, plans to hire more than 300 people in the next three to five years. The company recently opened a new 200,000-square-feet distribution center in Lakeland.

“We wanted to upgrade our distribution network in Florida, and move to a more modern facility to better service our customers,” says Mike Natale, division manager of logistics, sales and operations at xpedx. “Lakeland is geographically in the center of our customer demand area, serving customers in Orlando, Tampa and northern Florida.”

xpedx distributes a variety of packaging, facility solutions and print supplies and equipment to printers, manufacturers, retailers and commercial facilities across the U.S. The larger space in Lakeland allows the company to offer a greater selection of inventory to its customers. With more room to grow at the distribution center, Natale says the company plans to do quite a bit of hiring.

“Our hope is to double our workforce at the distribution center in Lakeland,” Natale says. “We currently have 75 people working there now, but we will be hiring logistics employees moving forward.”

 In addition to its distribution center in Lakeland, xpedx has sales and customer service centers in Tampa and Orlando, which will be growing as well.

“We plan to hire additional sales and customer service staff in our Tampa and Orlando offices,” Natale says. “We currently have approximately 75 employees in Tampa and 25 employees in Orlando; we will most likely grow by 50 percent in staff at those locations.”

Writer: Kimberly Patterson
Source: Mike Natale, xpedx

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Kimberly Patterson is a news editor for 83 Degrees Media in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.
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