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Partner Content A home built out of 2 shipping containers under construction in West Tampa is an example of "Missing Middle'' housing.

Video story: Solving the Missing Middle housing crisis

Feature Story .

Book excerpt: Florida Scrub-Jay by Mark Jerome Walters

Feature Story Seeds are offered to the community to help people grow their own food, at this St. Pete Youth Farms seed library.

Cultivating solutions to food insecurity in Tampa Bay

Feature Story Cyber Florida Staff Director Ron Sanders

Cybersecurity experts pursue multi-pronged solutions

Feature Story The story's author, Lauren Wong, and her friend, Haley, enjoy a day of horseback riding in the Gulf.

15 ways to cool off, escape the summer heat in Tampa

Feature Story Pinellas, Pasco, and Manatee lead the Tampa Bay region in opioid problems.

Tampa Bay’s opioid crisis grows during the pandemic

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