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Important news: How to be part of the solution

Feature Story Betty and Ed Rosenthal of Florikan, right, check ground control plants with a NASA scientist at the Veggie Lab at Kennedy Space Center.

NASA opens patent portfolio to HCC, USF students in Tampa

Feature Story Family fun awaits on Big Cypress Swamp Walk.

Looking for unique gifts this holiday season? Shop local

Feature Story Artists and other makers display their creations.

Creative exploration SPACEcraft lands at parks around Pinellas

Feature Story SaLisa Berrien, who received $100,000 Black Founders Fund award from Google for Startups, is expanding COI Energy, a Tampa-based company, across the United States.

Google Black Founder Fund winner expands energy-saving company

Feature Story Margaret O’Mara, author of “The Code’’ and “Cities of Knowledge,’’ says places like the Uptown District have potential to become America’s next Silicon Valley.

Uptown District in Tampa continues to grow, evolve

Feature Story The East Tampa chess park proposal earned Joshua L. Jones the AIA Tampa Bay Merit Award for Architecture in 2017.

Keeping a dream alive: Envisioning a chess park in East Tampa

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Book excerpt: Cell to Success by Chance L. Boyd

Partner Content Sheila Kinman, CAP®
, Senior Vice President, Philanthropy
, Community Foundation Tampa Bay

Wise giving = More giving

Feature Story The tour stops at an area called The Scrub during the late 1860-1880s. The scrub-palmetto landscape, later known as Central Park Village, housed the families of African-American domestic workers, factory workers, skilled laborers, and their families.

Photo story: Central Avenue walking tour

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