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Feature Story The KC-135 Stratotanker at MacDill Air Force Base has provided the core aerial refueling capability for U.S. military operations for almost 70 years. One tanker can hold 30,000 gallons of fuel.

Photo story: Inside MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa

Feature Story Ybor City's BarrieHaus Beer Co. is a small brewery with a big reputation for top-notch European-style lagers. The brewery has won two gold medals in three years at the prestigious World Beer Cup.

Feature Story .

Masthead gallery: St. Pete's Waterfront Arts District

Feature Story .

Masthead gallery: St Pete's Green Thumb Festival

Feature Story The Ybor City Ad Hoc Arts Group's monthly meetings are informal gatherings that have a big impact on growing and sustaining the arts in Ybor.

In Ybor City, a monthly meet-up to talk all things arts

Feature Story Tugboats helped maneuver ship traffic through Tampa Bay and surrounding waters.

Masthead gallery: Touring Port Tampa Bay

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